Geylang Adventures
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Geylang Adventures

We explore the community and understand it as an ecosystem with different groups of people co-existing with one another. With our love for preserving this delicate ecosystem, we seek to support the various groups by doing a range of projects. Come discover more of what we do.

Migrant Mission

Taking time to appreciate our nation builders

Migrant workers are a huge part of the Geylang community. Most of them have built the infrastructure we enjoy in Singapore brick by brick. Yet, we shun them and treat them as outsiders, even to the point of marginalization. To show our gratitude, we organize projects to work with the migrant worker community in one small way or another.

Be kind,
for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Core Belief


We're on a Mission to discover heartland adventures and support causes close to our hearts


We involve like-minded people to collaborate with us, where they have a chance to use their skills to give back

Volunteer with Us


We care about our neighborhood and the people in it


Have you been to Chong Tuck Tong Temple with us during our tours? You might remember super-cool-fengshui-beatboxer Alan!

The Good Guyde
For 29-year-old Alan, a temple is more than just a place of worship. Seeing how the temple he grew up in connects and serves a community of people from all walks of life, Alan is motivated to do his best as the next guardian of Chong Tuck Tong Temple.

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