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Our Projects

Stories of Geylang

We recognize the efforts that migrant workers have made in our current society over the past few years. We do what we do to create opportunities for interactions, in turn breaking down social barriers and making Singapore a more gracious society. Our initiatives usually revolve in the colourful neighbourhood of Geylang. Check ’em out.


#backalleybarbers is our mainstay signature event where we offer haircuts to migrant workers and the poor on a weekend. This gives us the opportunity to interact and show love to them in a directly personal and intimate way.


#backalleybadminton a spontaneous combustion of migrant workers, a curious Singaporean and an unlikely venue of a backalley for a badminton court.


#lougeylanglou was another collaboration with Waiting for Lorry. We found groups of migrant Chinese workers in Geylang to sit down with and share Chinese New Year snacks with during the festive season. We even got to do a “louhei” with a group of them.


#migrantmail was our first collaboration with the nice people from Waiting for Lorry. We went around collecting handwritten letters and taking polaroids of migrant workers with the objective of curbing homesickness by sponsoring the letter back to their hometown. Read about it here.